The Mind Mysterious
by Eve
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There is the sun again! The blinding, scalding sun!
It stings my eyes as a scorpion would --
I try to awaken -- the pain is too great . . .
I cannot bear the agony!

Let me sleep! Every fiber of my being screams this!
Don't take away the darkness and my dreams,
For even the nightmares are welcome,
Even they are less frightening than every day living.

I fail to see the need to continue this farce called
Life and living . . . it's meaningless!
Emptiness invades my inner self and a bottomless pit
Is where my soul should be . . .

A cry! A cry in the wilderness of life --
A barren wasteland in which love
Is withered and dried to dust.

I feel it's time to close my eyes forever,
But yet, I'm afraid,
For if this life can be heaven, and hell is much worse,
Then I am stranded on an island surrounded by
Fear, hatred and discontent.

The wars, rumors of wars, the murders,
The violence, the tortures, the strife . . .
The hurting of others in all the various forms,
Words and deeds -- May it all cease! Immediately!

If I must live, then I must get rid of this discouragement.
Where is love and gentleness, a feeling for others,
Trust, mutual understanding, support, encouragement and PEACE?

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