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by Eve
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In my own little world, all "safe and secure,"
Emotions were dwindling, the future unsure --
Then your voice, your eyes, your smile, your expression,
The soul within you that defied definition . . .

The spirit within you that does burn and yearn
Called out to mine and then my spirit did learn
That my heart was now captivated by your own,
For when I touched your cheek, the feelings were sown.

Emotions seethe within, emotions without --
Help erase from my heart all feelings of doubt!
Emotions not understood, feelings not clear,
To not see you each day makes the world so drear . . .

Strangers we are in this world -- strangers we're not!
Our souls have reached and touched and happiness sought!
Each of our strengths and weaknesses we must know,
Accept them, live with them . . . and yet still grow.

Can you accept me, imperfections a fact?
Can I accept you, imperfections intact?
Friends we must be first, too fast flames consume --
Yet I know without you my heart faces its doom . . .

Without you life really seems unbearable --
Forget you? I can't! Is that so terrible?
Did fate bring us together for some reason?
Is it now our time and now our season?

Or must we go alone, ever searching for life
And for that we have not found amid this strife . . .
If we could hold each other, would we know for sure?
Could we help each other really be secure?

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