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You Belong to Me - Depression

Feelings of frustration and confusion cloud the mind,
Hiding clearness of memory and dialogue.
What does one do when one feels no purpose, no love, no hope?

Cry! Let it all out in the tears! Let them all run down
Your cheeks and drop onto the floor, away from you --
Then allow one love or both to flow into that emptiness --
For a fulfilled love can bring in hope and joy...

And in a fleeting moment of ecstasy,
One can see many things clearly:
The hand of a Supreme Being reaches forth,
Our spirits all meet -- and the darkness must flee!

And now I understand that all mankind
Can also reach out to one another,
We can attune our spirits, and without touching,
We can still really feel each other --

And sharing happiness or sorrow, laughter or pain,
The unspeakable joy is ours again in another kind of rapture --

For a true love can give some meaning to life,
Some purpose, some hope...everyday problems do not seem so large,

One can learn to cope and cease to grovel in the darkness...

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