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by Eve
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Thank you for that which Thou hast given me...
For all my blessings I am grateful,
But I know there are blessings
I take for granted...thank you for those, too.

Please show me the way to make life beautiful --
For myself and for those around me.
Give me the strength to do the right thing,
For I wish to live my life in harmony
With Thy will and with those who surround me.
There are things I do not understand...

Please help me to live in my ignorance,
Without unknowingly harming someone else
While he lives in his...
Grant me peace, love, joy, wisdom and knowledge --
Help me find a way to share these with ones
Who are also searching in order to survive...

Grant me truth so I may be free,
And can live without fear.
Please grant me Thy protection
So I will know that Thou art near.

Please let my prayer reach Thee in Thy high places,
For I wish to know that Thou art with me always --
And I will try to do the best I can
With my limited knowledge and understanding...

Please don't forget I am imperfect,
Help me to accept that which I cannot change
And help me, please, to change that which I might
So Thy will may be done on this Earth --

For I would be as Thee -- and be Thy prefect...

Show me the way, I pray, AMEN.

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