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Do you know my name? No? Well, it's DEPRESSION! Oh, honey, I'll get ahold of you, And when I do, You'll feel so blue, you'll never feel good again! Everything's bad, and it's getting worse, day by day things are going awry – Well, honey, just let me work on you — I assure you I can make you cry!

Did you get my name? Yeah, it's Depression! And when I get ahold of you, you won't be able to get away ‘Cuz I'll fight to keep you, baby — And for gracious sakes, don't pray! (Don't talk to ANYONE! THAT'S DANGEROUS!)

You love your kids and your mate? Well, honey, they'll never know it! My disguise is so great, they will think you only hate... Are you afraid? Well, you'd best be! I can make you do Some very foolish things! And if you don't feel sorry enough for yourself, I can help you out there, too...I can make you feel even worse than "just blue."

Where is your strength? You don't have any! I can absorb your very soul! I can dispel your happiness in a blink, confuse you so you can't even think! You won't even want to live ‘cuz you'll have nothing left to give – Not to yourself, not to life...Why try? The world's just too full of strife!

You don't seem able to comprehend. Overwhelmed, your mind starts to bend — There's just too much going on, and you feel you can't hold on for long... Try to think of all you need to do, my dear, and suddenly it just seems so clear!

The whole world, it's corrupted, the whole day's disrupted By the news of inflation and economic "crunch." It seems the whole day has just been too much! The kids have been whining and you've been screaming – Hey! Think of the time you've wasted day-dreaming! You listened to the news and heard about nuclear power, Now you're scared to death and your whole world seems sour... There's famine, pestilence, war, crisis and hate... You're beginning to wonder, just what IS the world's fate?

You're worried about writing those checks that won't clear... Now you think perhaps you should have bought that case of beer! And remember the tricky bank statement you haven't figured out? Now you'd like to hide, no strength for another bout. All the kids are hungry and they're beginning to pick, yell and shout – So now there's one more miserable meal to try to figure out – (Without the grub you forgot while you were at the grocery store... Yeah, that's just me, baby – making your life a dreary chore!)

There's weeds to pull, grass to mow — in the garden, all those seeds to sow. And if there's one more runny nose to wipe or one more whine from a kid, You'll take all the children to the auction and put them up for bid! Now you wonder why you didn't hesitate before you married your crazy mate! What's the purpose in all you do? Is it worthwhile? Do you have a loose screw?

Oh! If there's one more rug to shake or floor to vacuum, scrub, then wax... One more income, personal, property – or any other tax... One more aching joint, worse when getting out of bed That makes you feel you might really be better off dead... (Of course, then you wouldn't have to look at your ugly self in the mirror – And see one more awful pimple, blackhead, wrinkle or grey hair.) Oh, one more sleepless night or meaningless day to face... One more messy house from which you feel such awful disgrace... Just one more thing to have to do tomorrow, And time's running out, which adds to your sorrow.

Well, think about it, honey! Think about everything! Try to figure it out so someone else is always to blame! Think about those messy diapers you need to wash real soon ‘Cuz they're making it stink like an outhouse in that old bathroom... And there's one more yucky toilet to scrub and disinfect – You say you'd rather sit around and have time to just reflect?

Well, you are waiting for the sink to drain because of several plugs, And all this makes you feel as if you'd rather be on drugs. You've got another washing, plus folding and putting away, Just to find the hamper's full again, that very same day! Where is the strength you need to cope? Don't you know that there is no hope?

No, there's not enough hours in the day And there's too many bills, not enough money to pay... "One more thing to do," you say -- just one more THOUGHT And they can carry you away, lock you up and throw away the key! Oh, yeah! I'll be there, sweetheart, laughing with glee! You got it, honey, I'm DEPRESSION!

Remember my name, for I'll "do it to ya – " Go ahead, scream! It's all in vain! You're my love, my life... Without you, I just couldn't be. So I'll fight to keep you within my grip And sweetheart, into my arms you'll slip...You want to be free? NO WAY! YOU BELONG TO ME!

What?! No! Wait! Stop! Do NOT acknowledge how you feel! I'd rather you be ignorant in how to deal with your anger or hurt or anything! I'd rather manipulate you into misery — NO! Don't choose to be happy! I can't deal with that! If you care and share, you'll leave me flat! I can't make you miserable and sick if you choose to wear a smile – I can't bring you untold misery and agony all the while! Don't take away my power! Oh, my, I'm getting weaker by the hour! If just one feeling you'd depress...or don't accept the way you are... Just let me get my grip again — I could be the star!

What?! You WANT to be healthy and feel good again? No way! Now you're taking responsibility?! What's going to happen to me? Hey! You gotta stop this crazy stuff! Oh, NOW you KNOW that you're okay – And you're calling my bluff? No! I need control! What? Now you're starting to pray? Do you know you've just ruined my day? How could you forgive yourself for making that mistake? I need to have you feel the guilt — then more pain for you I could make! Why do you want to choose to live? I'd rather you choose to die! I'm at my happiest when I can make you cry!

No! You're stupid when you want to live! No! You really don't want to help others and to give! Please! Stay addicted to whatever you are — then I have control of you! No! Don't give yourself the gift of self esteem — Oh, now you're REALLY gonna spoil my dream!

Don't talk, don't trust, don't feel! Keep everything inside! Don't let it all out or I'll have to run and hide! No! Don't share that hope, that dream or fear! Then I can't make you lonely ‘cuz I can't stay so near! And when you don't grieve, and I see your happy spirit glow, I just HATE knowing that I'm going to have to go!

I can't believe you could just tell me to leave! But then, what's the use any way — You sure don't want to be miserable or take abuse this day! So — I guess I have to go for now – but just let your guard down, my dear! Oh, yeah! I'll be your worst fear! ‘Cuz I'll be back in a flash! And when I come back, baby, we will have that big "bash!"

I still can't believe you'd choose for me to leave, just when I enjoyed so much! But don't worry, honey, I'll really try to stay in touch! See, I can't stand to watch you have any fun – I'd rather you be scared and stay "on the run!"

NO! Don't choose to face your past! When you do, I can't last! Oh, no! Now you're choosing to be healthy, too?! Help! I'm losing my grip! Now from my arms you're going to slip... I can't hang on anymore right now...I guess you really did shove me out the door...

Well – I THOUGHT you belonged to me...

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